What We Do

The Elders Council for Parks in British Columbia is an independent society. Our members are retired parks system employees and conservation advocates who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to parks and protected areas in BC.¬†The society provides a way for our members to continue to lead and participate in volunteer projects aimed at ensuring the long-term well-being of BC’s world-class park systems.

The purpose of the Society is to educate the public, government, and news media about public parks in British Columbia, by:

1. Providing courses, seminars and workshops about public parks
2. Supporting the long term well being of public parks and their use and enjoyment by the public
3. Recognizing persons and organizations that have made an extraordinary contribution to the creation and stewardship of public parks
4. Acquiring, protecting and displaying artifacts related to the history of public parks and
5. Undertaking activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above purpose

The Elders Council provides folks who have helped to create and build BC’s world-class parks system with the opportunity to continue to support it when they retire from full-time park work or advocacy.¬†Elders Council members also participate in action-based project work aimed at ensuring the long-term well-being of BC’s world-class parks system.