What is the Parks Collaborative?

The unfolding story of British Columbia is the story of wild places and their abundant provision, the land, the seas and the connecting waterways. This is our home, shared with the world. The Provincial Parks System in BC has expanded significantly. Since 1985 we have increased our provincial parks from 3% to 15% of the provincial land base, making us the 3rd largest parks system in North America—a remarkable achievement deserving of more care and attention from government and the public.

The Parks Collaborative – Victoria is an independent project team under the Elders Council for Parks. The Parks Collaborative is currently in a pilot phase focused on on southern Vancouver Island, however our long-term vision is to implement the collaborative model across the province. The Parks Collaborative – Victoria is a citizen driven initiative to reclaim our connection to our natural “commons” and build new energy and support for parks and parks supports. The initial focus is on 42 provincial parks and ecological reserves within 100 km of Victoria.

The Collaboratives is managed by a volunteer committee of individuals who have a deep love for parks, considerable parks management experience and organizational leadership.

What we can achieve together 

1. More Leadership

Leaders from all sectors actively commit to our parks to invest knowledge and resources.

2. More Community Support

Communities bring more support to their local Provincial Parks through a variety of partnerships and contributions.

3. More Park and People Connections

People, especially youth reconnect to their Parks to improve their health and well being.

Things we believe in 

Passion and commitment to find and fund grassroots initiatives to build community.

Respect for the principles and legislative framework established under Provincial Protected Areas legislation.

A commitment to First Nations’ interests and First Nations engagement.

Openness to all Parks supporters and users to promote practical and purposeful action.

Getting there together 

Our citizen engagement strategy provides a comprehensive and integrated platform to connect more fully with nature and take responsibility for our natural ”Commons”. Our immediate focus is the 42 Parks, including Ecological Reserves, stretching south from Port Renfrew and the Southern Gulf Islands.

We are recruiting volunteers and attracting core funding for collaborative project development.

Current initiatives 

The Parks Collaborative is a volunteer group linked to the Elders Council for Parks in BC. We have a number of projects underway across the region to increase knowledge and expand stewardship of the Parks System.

First Nations engagement is important to us so we are helping to facilitate constructive conversations with First Nations communities. University students are reaching out to engage youth, collecting information and knowledge to support Park health. Some Parks have friends groups that need to recruit new members. We can assist with that goal. We are planning ecological and trail projects. We are always looking for new ways to get the message out to increase collaboration and support. If you value your Parks, we value your interest.

Together, let’s find the project that works for your schedule and matches your interests. All of these projects will begin to form a database capturing the health and vitality of our 42 Parks, including Ecological Reserves, so that we can improve our stewardship record in protecting this wonderful legacy.