Elders History Project

Back in 2006, the Elders’ Council had several ideas for projects to (1) document the history of BC Parks and the evolution of Parks Branch over time (2) to identify, honour and celebrate the careers of selected “Elders” and (3) to collect, prepare, communicate and display historic and information materials for public education.

A comprehensive written history of the evolution of the BC Parks system documenting the leadership role of the Parks Branch and its personnel has been compiled and published in two formats by JD Anderson. Click here to link to a separate page for more information. 

What can you do?

Volunteer to help! See the list of possible projects that need to be done. Offer your services and provide leadership to see these tasks get started and done!

Discuss with your family members what and where personal memorabilia/collections should go. Many of you do have personal collections of photographs, documents, uniforms, carvings, etc. What’s in your basement, garage, photo albumsEnsure that these belongings will be looked after while you are in good health and sound mind. Call Gail Ross or Mel Turner for more information.

The video below is from the BC Parks website.