Photos from Mountain Stories Along the Trail

Here are a few photos from our event “Mountain Stories Along the Trail” at Mt. Seymour Provincial Park in celebration of the City of North Vancouver’s 125th birthday and Canada’s Parks Day on July 16th, 2016.

The Elders Council for Parks would like to thank Cheyenne Hood and the Tsleilwaututh Nation, Deep Cove Heritage Society, Mount Seymour Resorts, Mount Seymour History Project, BC Parks and the District of North Vancouver for their support with this event.


Cheyenne Hood of Tsleilwaututh Nation describing her experiences growing up in the region and providing a traditional welcome for the guests. Photo credit: Claudia Jessen.


Lloyd Knutsen playing the second Mt. Seymour Park Ranger, Ole Johansen. Photo credit: Claudia Jessen.
David Cook describing the geological processes that shaped Mt. Seymour. Photo credit: Dee-Dee Soychuke.
Logging and cabin expert Alex Douglas revealing the cultural history of Mt. Seymour.
Graham White playing renowned landscape artist Frederick Varley.


Artist Christine Elsey reading an original poem about inspired by growing up in the Mt. Seymour Valley.


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  1. An incredible collection of emotionally stirring photographs of Mt. Seymour Provincial Park.Very happy to view them. Great thanks go to the photographers.

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